Everything given to Christ Community Church is applied directly toward our mission of reaching Huntersville, The United States, and the World for Jesus Christ. Your gift will assist in advancing the cause of Christ through community outreach and around the world through the faithful support of our international missionaries.


Summer is coming, and we cannot wait to see everything God has in store for Christ Community Church! While some people throttle back during the summer, we mash the gas! To help keep our church engaged financially, we’re encouraging you to join our annual summer giving challenge from May 27 – September 2. This year, we’re calling it Make It Count. We encourage you to make your summer count for Christ wherever you are.

During these fifteen weeks, our financial goal is $435,000. This is the amount it takes to accomplish these things:

1) Meet our Ministry Budget Goal of $417,000 during these fifteen weeks so we can operate at an optimum level.

2) Fund our Summer Investment Initiatives in the amount of $18,000. These include:

  • Vacation Bible X-treme (VBX) for kindergarten through fifth grade
  • Scholarship assistance for Student Camp
  • Summer interns who will be with us for 10 weeks serving in all our ministries
  • Love our Community Initiative – Serving our community in various ways

Therefore, we need God’s people to give a total of $435,000 during these fifteen weeks.

If you are here all fifteen weeks, we encourage you to give faithfully. If you are out of town a couple of Sundays, please give before you go, through online giving while you are away, or make up your giving upon your return.

A personal and worthy financial goal for each of us should be to give at least the first tenth of all God has given to us each week. Faithfulness is the goal as we steward God’s money and Make it Count this summer. One of the easiest ways to be faithful in your giving is to set up recurring giving so whether you are here or away, your giving continues.

Together, we can reach this goal of $435,000. It comes down to each one of us giving weekly and honoring God with the first tenth of all He gives to us. Join Marci and I in this journey! Let’s do it for God’s glory!