Getting Help

Getting Help

Biblical Counseling

At Christ Community all of our pastors and ministry leaders are available for counsel during difficult times. We care about the trials you may be facing and want to help. For counseling, please call the church office at 704.875.8374 and ask for a pastor.

Typically, that pastor’s secretary will assist you in scheduling an appointment and if your needs are beyond what one of our pastor’s can handle, you will be referred to a very godly, Christ-centered counselor with a deeper skill-set to assist you.

Hospital & Home Visits

In case of hospitalization or need of a home visit, please contact the church office at 704.875.8374 and one of our pastors will be glad to assist in any way possible. On weekends, please call the church office and select the “Weekend Pastor On-Call” option. One of our pastors will get your message and will call you back shortly to help in any way possible.

Recovery @ CCC

Visit the Recovery Page