Student Ministry

Student Ministry

The Purposes of the Student Ministry

We want to help students grow in their faith through these five steps…

  1. BELIEVE We want to help students BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Our Weekend Worship Services are designed to help point students toward faith in Christ.
  2. CONNECT We want to help students CONNECT with other Christians who are also growing in their faith. Our Student Small Groups are designed to create an atmosphere where students can develop godly friendships.
  3. GROW In the Youth Ministry at CCC students will primarily grow through involvement in DRIVEN and small groups. However, we want to make sure that students develop Spiritual H.A.B.I.T.S. on their own. Resources for developing Spiritual H.A.B.I.T.S. are available at the DRIVEN Kiosk.
  4. SERVE We want to help students SERVE others by giving them opportunities to lead within a ministry. Our Student Ministry Teams utilize the gifts and talents of the youth to serve and meet the needs of others in the church.
  5. SHARE We want to help students SHARE their faith in Christ with others. Our Student Mission Team is a group of students who are committed to sharing their faith both locally and on short-term mission trips.

Visiting the Student Ministry

The best place to begin attending our ministry is our Student Worship Experience called DRIVEN. We meet in the Auditorium of Building A at 11:00am each Sunday. Students are welcome to come early and hang out in the Student Lounge, listen to DRIVEN Radio in the hallways, visit the DRIVEN Kiosk, or come on in to the Auditorium and enjoy watching Christian music videos. Our student and adult leaders are there to help you find a seat and relax. We sit around tables during our worship service which helps make the large group seem a little smaller. Each table has an adult table leader that would be happy to answer any questions you may have. While you are at the DRIVEN Kiosk, make sure you pick up a copy of our DRIVEN Magazine. It’s packed with details about upcoming events for the youth group.

Once you have attended DRIVEN on a Sunday morning, your next step to get involved will be our Student Small Groups. All of our Student Small Groups meet in the Student Wing from 6:30 until 8:00pm each Wednesday during our Fall & Spring semesters. Students are welcome to come early and hang out in the Student Lounge, pick up resources at the DRIVEN Kiosk, or enjoy our Wednesday night meals served from 5:00 until 6:30pm.

Are you still a little anxious about getting involved? Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure that students who are your age or attend your school are ready to welcome you and sit with you during DRIVEN Worship. You might want to consider bringing a friend with you from school or your neighborhood.

The Student Wing

The Student Wing is located in Building A and houses all of our Student Small Groups for middle and high school students. The Auditorium is located in Building A and is the location for our Student Worship Services.

Student Worship

DRIVEN is what we call our Student Weekend Worship Service. It’s a high-energy, fast-paced, Christ-centered student worship service that addresses topical issues with a live praise & worship band, skits, student testimonies, trivia games, music videos, movie clips, table group discussion, and a biblical message. Every weekend we gather together to celebrate life with laughter, friendships, music, and encouragement from God’s Word. We try to shatter stereotypes that church has to be boring by creating a place that celebrates life in a way that ministers to believers and is welcoming to students who don’t normally go to church. We want to create an environment where students are excited about coming to church and want to invite their friends. DRIVEN serves as the “front door” to our Youth Ministry, it’s the first step for students to get involved.

DRIVEN meets in the Auditorium of Building A.

Sunday 11:00 am


Student Small Groups

SMALL GROUPS are essential to the overall health of our church. Simply put, a Student Small Group is the primary way for a student to FEEL connected to the youth group. It’s important that every student has a sense of belonging. We are constantly encouraging students to take the next step in their spiritual growth and our small groups play a huge part in making sure that a student’s spiritual maturity will flourish. Our small groups exist to create a place for our students to connect with other believers, and to help students grow in their faith. Our Student Small Groups are composed of anywhere from four to ten students and meet weekly for relationship building, accountability, and discipleship. Our small groups are organized according to two factors: gender and age group (middle school or high school). We have two semesters of small groups each year. Our Fall semester is approximately three months long and meets from the first Wednesday in September through mid-November. Our Spring semester is three months long and meets from the first Wednesday night in February through the end of April. All of our Student Small Groups meet in the Student Wing from 6:30 until 8:00 pm each Wednesday night. Students are welcome to come early and hang out in the Student Lounge, pick up resources at the DRIVEN Kiosk, and listen to DRIVEN Radio.

Student Discipleship

We currently offer four courses of study for youth that are all self-paced and DVD based.

The first course that we challenge students to take is “Youth Group for Dummies.” We use the term “dummies” affectionately. It’s simply a humorous way of saying we have a very important message and we want to make sure that everyone understands it. Students will discover how to place their faith in Christ as Savior, connect with others in the youth group, develop spiritual disciplines in their Christian walk, find out how they are gifted for ministry and discover opportunities to serve, and fulfill their mission in the world by reaching others for Christ. Our goal for the class is to help students become fully integrated members of Christ Community Church.

The second course that we encourage students to take is “Spiritual HABITS” This course reinforces the spiritual disciplines that students are learning about through Student Small Groups. The HABITS include: Hang Time with God, Accountability in a Small Group, Bible Memorization, Involvement in the Church, Tithing Commitment, and Sermon Notes. It has been our experience that students who develop spiritual disciplines while they are in middle and high school are more likely to continue walking in their faith as adults.

The third course is called “Spiritual Rut.” We recognize that the Christian walk isn’t easy. Whether students are currently in a spiritual rut or hoping to prevent falling in, this is a great resource to help students grow in their faith. Students will learn 12 biblical principles to help them climb out of a spiritual rut and move forward.

The fourth course is called “Everyone Has a Story.” This course helps students think through, write out, and share their testimonies. Every Christian has a story and that story can and should be share with others.

Visit the DRIVEN Kiosk to pick up your course material (Student Workbook and DVD) and get started through these Student Discipleship courses.

Student Ministry Teams

MINISTRY TEAMS are essential for the health and edification of the church body. Ministry teams allow the students an opportunity to serve others. Middle school and high school students are blessed with many different talents and we want them to use their talents to honor Christ. In addition to students, we are always looking for adults who are willing to serve. If you’re looking to take the next step in getting involved, visit the DRIVEN Kiosk and pick up the Student Leadership Team Handbook (for students in middle and high school) or the Adult Leadership Team Handbook (for adults 21+).

Student Mission Teams

MISSION TEAMS are a way that students discover the joy of sharing their faith with others through both local opportunities and through short-term mission trips.  The primary tool that we begin with is the SHARE Evangelism Strategy which helps students discover how to share their faith locally.  Once students are actively participating in the SHARE Evangelism Strategy, we encourage them to consider a short-term mission trip.  Visit the DRIVEN Kiosk for more information on mission opportunities.