Throughout the Bible, big movements of God are preceded by bold faith among God’s people. Our city, country, and world are in desperate need of a movement of God. The We Believe campaign is about trusting the Lord to do that work.

Christ Community Church exists to build gospel-centered disciples among all people for the glory of God. While we’re so grateful for all that God is doing through our church, we’re convinced that there is more He wants to do through us. As we dream and pray about what that might be, we can see the Lord using us to send dozens of missionaries to places that need the gospel. We can see ourselves planting church after church across North Carolina and the rest of the country. We can see family after family being transformed by the Gospel in the Lake Norman area. In short, we can see a mighty movement of God springing out from our church.

We’re proud of the legacy of faith and fruit that we have at Christ Community Church. However, some elements of our past are holding us back from this vision of gospel ministry the Lord has given us. Our church began 2017 carrying more than $3 million in debt. While we’ve worked hard to slash our expenses to pay as much as we can each week, this burden has crippled our ministry budget. It has meant very little support for longterm missions. Minimal support for church planting. And bare-bones ministry in our community. At our current rate of paying it down, we wouldn’t be free of this burden until December of 2022.

Enough is enough.

If we’re going to be the church God is calling us to be, then we’ve got to reroute our resources to ministry. It’s time to wipe out the debt.


  • Pray

    Ask the Lord for faith, wisdom, and a hear of generosity as you ask Him how you should contribute.

  • Plan

    As a family, make a plan to adjust your budget in order to give. Decide what you can sacrifice for the sake of the mission.

  • Pledge

    Use the commitment cards you received at church to make your pledge or set up your gift using the button on this page.

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A word from pastor Ronnie



On October 15th, Pastor Ronnie announced the We Believe campaign during his sermon. Wrapping up a series about defining our future, Ronnie laid out our vision for the next three years of ministry and beyond. Listen to the message to hear the heart behind We Believe.


  • Q & A Session #1

    Wednesday, October 25th at 6:30 PM – CCC Connecting Point
    Join Pastor Ronnie for a time of open question and answer about the We Believe campaign. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the campaign, CCC’s finances, budget, and vision.

  • Q & A Session #2

    Sunday, October 29th at 9:00 AM – CCC Connecting Point
    Join Pastor Ronnie for a time of open question and answer about the We Believe campaign. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the campaign, CCC’s finances, budget, and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initially, the money will be used to pay down debt. Ultimately, however, the money will be for mission. While our church members’ faithful giving generates more than enough money to run our church effectively, a huge portion of that (currently 37%) is spent on debt payments. This cripples the amount of ministry we are able to do.
12 years ago, when our church was much larger in Sunday attendance, CCC embarked on a building project to handle the growth. The leadership thought it best to finance the building, optimistic about our ability to sustain the growth. Unfortunately, a variety of circumstances have caused our church to pay that debt down much slower than they’d hoped. Even though many current members and leaders of CCC may not have led us into this problem, it is ours to own as a family. We will walk forward in faith and take care of this burden together.
CCC utilizes a Finance Team made up of laypersons voted upon by the church. That team, in addition to the Lead Pastor and the church-elected Treasurer, meet regularly to evaluate spending. CCC’s budget is drafted by the Lead Pastor with input given by the Finance Team and pastoral staff. That budget is then approved by the Finance Team and voted on by the entire church. All staff must abide by a strict spending policy designed to promote accountability and integrity in spending. Feel free to contact a pastor if you have further questions in this area.
We will continue to function “as is” for the next five years. “As is” means a limited scope in what we’re able to do in local compassion and outreach. “As is” means almost no investment in planting gospel-preaching churches in places that need them. “As is” means a minuscule investment in international missions to places desperate for the gospel.
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