Our Story

Our Story

Christ Community Church was founded years ago in an effort an create a place where people who weren’t comfortable in church could attend and be introduced to faith in Christ. We actually began as a “mission” o First Baptist Church Huntersville. Before 1960 some churches brought people to First Baptist church from the east side of Huntersville, but First Baptist wanted to go to the people. So the decision was made to send several members to start a Sunday school mission.

On November 13, 1960 the “mission” started in a mill house on the east side. On that historic Sunday, 14 people gathered to begin a work for God to reach people who were far from Him. At that time the mission was called East Huntersville Baptist Mission. The first person saved at East Huntersville was Mr. James Sherrill. Member Frank Blythe had encouraged Sherrill to attend. He did and soon committed his life to Jesus. Sherrill died shortly after he was saved and though difficult for the new church to understand, their mission became confirmed and their resolve strengthened. There were times when the finances were so tough at East Huntersville that Blythe would sometimes sell one of his cows he raised to help the mission. Many others sacrificed in ways that are hard for us to imagine. This sacrificial, giving spirit continues until this day. Truly, it marks the ministry and mindset of our church family.

Our First Real Worship Center

Twenty years after East Huntersville was started, the small group of believers ran out of space in the little “Mill House” they’d been gathering in. In 1981 they made the move to a metal building they constructed near by. It wasn’t too long after the move that they ran out of room again. This time First Baptist Church voted to use money they had set aside to help East Huntersville build a new brick building. In October of 1985 members of First Baptist presented East Huntersville with a deed to their new building. East Huntersville handed over one dollar to First Baptist for the land they now owned. It was a gracious act on the part of First Baptist and showed their missionary heart. At this time the “mission” constituted as a church.

Five years later, in 1990, the church called their first full-time pastor, Pastor Jack Homesley. During this time the church began to grow very quickly. Using both the new brick building and the metal building, it wasn’t too long before multiple services were added, programs developed and before long, Pastor Homesley and many others led the church through a relocation process.

Expanding Begins

Prayerfully seeking God’s heart for a solution, one day Pastor Homesley drove by a field, several acres called “Luke Scearcy’s Pea Patch” on Hwy. 115 (present location) and began to visualize a church on that piece of property, knowing that it would be a great place for the church’s new location. Feeling led by the Spirit of God and having a passion to do an even greater work for Christ in the area, He walked into the field, knelt down weeping, and grabbing a handful of the dirt he prayed, “God, for years this ground brought forth peas for Luke Scearcy, would you give to us that it might bring forth souls for Your glory.” Though it seemed impossible financially, God worked it out so the purchase could take place. It was a huge step in the future of CCC.

After much prayer and a lot of financial commitment, we began construction of a New Worship Center and very limited classroom space (now known as Building “A”) in 1996. In 1997 the new facility was finished and the membership moved onto it’s current property. In an effort to remove evangelistic barriers, a year later the church changed its name East Huntersville Baptist Church to Christ Community Church.

The new building was such a blessing! It not only provided the needed space for our members and new visitors, it also provided the opportunity to pursue more ministries and reach out to the community! Ministries were added and many lives were changed.

The church began a period of rapid growth in both numbers and ministries. Children and youth ministries expanded and staff members were added. Soon, CCC was out of space again. In 2001 the church voted to build a 50,000 plus square foot education building, gymnasium, office suite, state-of-the-art kitchen and dining hall facility. We were constantly growing and adding staff and other infrastructure to accomodate growth and reach new people. In December 2004 the new Life Development Center was opened.

In the spring of 2005 we were facing another space crunch in our worship center. In spite of conducting two worship services every Sunday we just didn’t have the room to grow. A decision was made to begin using the gymnasium for our main worship services. This allowed us to expand from a 400 seat auditorium to 850 seats in the gymnasium. Since that move we have added a youth worship service, a children’s worship service and continue to expand and grow to meet the needs of the community and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

In 2006 the church purchased three houses on four acres of land adjacent to the church property. These homes are now know as the “Faith, Hope and Love” Homes and are utilized to provide emergency transisitonal housing for those in need. Future plans include building a new worship center large enough to provide space for thousands to glorify Him along with various other facilities for ministry and of course, adding much needed parking. The new property will allow us to realize that dream as we continue to help people BELEIVE on Jesus Christ as Lord, CONNECT with other Believers in fellowship, GROW in their faith and better follow Christ, SERVE in the church and community in the place God has for them and then go out and SHARE the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost world. The future is as bright as the promises of God and…there’s a place for YOU in reaching people here at CCC!